Monday, 28 February 2011

Friday 25th February 2011 - Day 30:

Mummy and Lily looked around the second nursery for Lily today. Mummy liked this one alot. Daddy came home early today so Mummy and Lily got lots of Daddy snuggles.

Thursday 24th February 2011 - Day 29:

Lily and Mummy went to have a look around one of the nurseries where Mummy might take Lily. Then we went to our Mummy and baby group. Lily got weighed today, she weighs 7lb 15oz, she's getting to be a big girl....
Wednesday 23rd February 2011 - Day 28:

Auntie Amie came to visit today, she took Lily and Mummy out for lunch and we spent the day having a stroll around the shops. We picked up some lovely clothes for Lily, including a t-shirt that says "Daddys little princess". It was a lovely day.

Tuesday 22nd February 2011 - Day 27:

Today Lily spent alot of time playing on her playmats. She gripped a rattle all by herself today, and gave her bunny toy a nice big cuddle too.

Monday 21st February 2011 - Day 26:

We had a nice relaxing day today after a hectic weekend. Lily had a nice bath with Mummy and got nice and clean.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th February 2011 - Days 23, 24 and 25:

Grandad Shepherd
Nanny Shepherd
Mummy, Daddy and Lily went to visit Granny and Grandad this weekend. We introduced Lily to Nanny and Grandad Shepherd, and Auntie Rachel, Uncle Gareth and the twins. Nanny and Grandad Shepherd had brought Lily some more presents, she's got lots of new things to play with now. Granny had made Lily some quilts, and sheets for her cot and some towels for when she's a little bigger, they are wonderful, and it's great to have unique and personalised things for Lily. We took Lily on a little shopping trip into Skegness, unfortionately though the weather wasn't very nice. Mummy and Daddy took the night off on Saturday and let Granny look after Lily, so we felt nice and relaxed. I think Lily really enjoyed her first weekend away.

Thursday 17th February 2011 - Day 22:

Mummy and Lily had a lovely day of play together.We went to our Mummy Baby group, Lily wasn't feeling very sociable today though and just wanted lots of Mummy cuddles. Daddy had lots of snuggles when he came home from work too. Lily had a bath with Mummy today, and she loved kicking her legs about in the water, She's going to love swimming when we take her in a few weeks.....

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Wednesday 16th February 2011 - Day 21:

Mummy and Lily took a little stroll into town, then came home and played all afternoon with Lilys toys and playmats.

Tuesday 15th February 2011 - Day 20:

Mummy and Lily go to a Mummy and Baby group today. Lily seems to like looking at all the other babies. It was nice for Mummy to talk to all the other Mummies about Lily. Got some crafting done today, made Lilys first two scrapbook pages. It's hard to choose which pictures to use, as she looks so cute in all of them. Daddy helped Mummy give Lily a bath tonight too.

Monday 14th February 2011 - Day 19:

Happy Valentines Day! Lily got weighed at the clinic today, she weighs 7lb 8oz, she's growing so fast! She has already outgrown some of her clothes. She's starting to get so much stronger too with her grip and her kicks. Mummy and Lily cook Daddy a nice Valentines day meal, and even have romantic lighting.

Sunday 13th February 2011 - Day 18:

Decided to have a typical lazy Sunday. Lots of relaxing, a nice cassarole, a film. Lily got lots of cuddles from Mummy and Daddy today too

Saturday 12th February 2011 - Day 17:

Auntie Amie and Auntie Victoria came round today to craft Auntie Victorias wedding invitations. Lily was a big help and even glued some of the Hatters on...... Auntie Amie made a fabulous chocolate cake as a treat for Mummy and Auntie Victoria made a lovely afternoon tea. The invitations looked fantastic in the end, and we had a lovely day together.

Friday 11th February 2011 - Day 16:

Lily and Mummy went into town today to do some shopping. Mummy found the most amazing curtains for Lily's nursery. They are blue check with elephants on, Lily loves them. Lily made a new friend in Marks and Spencers, he's called Noah, so Mummy and Noahs Mummy went for a coffee and a chat. What a lovely relaxing afternoon.

Thursday 10th February 2011 - Day 15:

Today Lily read her first book with Mummy and Daddy. It was called Peek-A-Zoo. Lily liked the funny voices that Mummy made the animals talk in. Daddy then read Who's feet are these too, Lily guessed them all correctly.....

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wednesday 9th February 2011- Day 14:

Today Lily decided to wear her new jeggings and Ugg boots, Mummy thinks she looks like a real cutie!

Then Mummy, Daddy and Lily went out for a nice long walk, it was much sunnier today. We went to the park and saw the lakes, some ducks and some swans.

Mummy and Lily went on the swings in the play park. The rocking sent Lily to sleep.....

My life so far.....

Tuesday 8th February 2011- Day 13:
Mummy, Daddy and Lily go for a very long walk today because the sun had come out, Lily loves going out in her pram. We joined a childcare centre so we can go to Mummy, baby groups and go to classes together.

Monday 7th February 2011- Day 12:
Inspired by her Disney film yesterday, Lily wears her Minnie Mouse dress today, she loves Disney very much. Lily and Mummy are left on their own for the first time as Daddy had to pop to work, we missed him many.

Sunday 6th February 2011- Day 11:
Auntie Michelle, Uncle Gav, Cole and Nana spend the day with Lily. Cole draws Lily a lovely picture and learns how to spell her name. Lily gets weighed by the midwife today- she weighs 6lb 15ozs. She’s a big girl now! Lily sits with Mummy and Daddy and watches her first Disney film, Mulan, Lily liked it very much.

Saturday 5th February 2011- Day 10:
Mummy and Daddy take Lily to Auntie Amies house this morning to deliver her birthday presents. Amie has bought Lily some leopard print Ugg boots. Auntie Bear comes to visit for the afternoon and brings Lily some story books to read. Auntie Michelle, Uncle Gav and Cole come to visit Lily with even more presents - she’s been a very lucky girl today. Lecky pops in for a quick snuggle too.

Friday 4th February 2011- Day 9:
Today Lily went to the registery office to register her birth- it’s very exciting, now she is officially Lily Grace Crossman. Lily had her first bath tonight, at first she was a little unsure and cried a lot but was soon laughing whilst Mummy and Daddy splashed her. Lily helps Mummy beat Daddy at monopoly today.

Thursday 3rd February 2011- Day 8:
Today is Auntie Amies birthday, Lily has bought her a present and is visiting the craft cupboard for a card. Lily was a very good girl and settled through the night so Mummy and Daddy got some sleep. Lily spends lots of time playing on her playmats, and with Jeffrey and co (her teddies).

Wednesday 2nd February 2011- Day 7:
We all went out for another walk together today, and registered Mummy and Lily at the doctors. Lily played on her new princess playmat today (thanks Auntie Tor and Uncle Mike), her favourite creature is the turtle.

Tuesday 1st February 2011- Day 6:
Mummy and Daddy take Lily shopping, we go to Toys R Us/ Babbies R Us, Hobbycraft, Mothercare and Tescos. Daddy carried Lily in her car seat. Everyone who sees Lily comments on how beautiful she is! Lilys cord fell out tonight, Lily didn’t like it. Lily gets weighed again, she weighs 6lb 10oz. Lily has a cuddle with Daddy on the sofa and watches her first football match, Sunderland v Chelsea. Sunderland lost 2-4.…..

Monday 31st January 2011- Day 5:
Lily goes for her first walk in the pram today with Mummy and Daddy. Lily fell to sleep straight away and likes the rocking movement. Lily laughed at Mummy tonight, Mummy was telling jokes about Daddy.

Sunday 30th January 2011- Day 4:
Lily’s nursery gets decorated today (thanks Granny). She has a safari theme with lots of elephants and giraffes. Lily gets lots of cuddles from her new family. Grandad Brierley buys Lily a giant elephant, we’ve called him Jeffrey, Lily likes to stroke his soft hoof. Pete comes for a visit and buys Lily some new baby grows to wear.

Saturday 29th January 2011- Day 3:
Today is Daddies birthday. Mummy learnt how to breastfeed today and Lily had her first Mummy milk. Mummy and Daddy took Lily home from hospital in the car. Granny and Grandad Brierley and Nana and Granda Crossman meet Lily, Lily has got lots of wonderful presents, and is now officially a Disney baby!

Friday 28th January 2011- Day 2:
Auntie Amie and Auntie Victoria come to meet Lily at the hospital. They bought her lots of beautiful clothes, and Humphrey her new elephant. Mummy and Daddy are learning how to feed, change and burp Lily. Mummy and Daddy discover Lily loves getting hoof rubs

Thursday 27th January 2011- Day 1:
Lily Grace Crossman was born today at 20:02 at the QEII hospital in Welwyn Garden City. She weighs 6lb 13oz, has Mummies blue/grey eyes, and Daddies lips and chin. She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.